Static Reverbatory Furnaces

Capacity can be from a small well size of 2 tonne up to 100 tonne plus.

J B Furnace Static Reverbatory Furnace

This type of furnace can take larger type charge material and is of lower capital cost than the Tilting Furnace due to its construction.

Molten metal is tapped out from the side of the furnace wall and flows into launder systems for either casting into ingots or billets direct or into a Holding Furnace for further treatment.

J B Furnace Static Reverbatory Furnace

Melting and holding of metal for alloying can be undertaken in the same furnace if required.

The static furnace has to be plugged manually if there are any problems in the casting process, which is more difficult to achieve than with a hydraulic tilting design.

All types of combustion burner systems can be accommodated including regenerative or recuperative fuel efficient layouts.