Rotary Melting Furnaces

Tilting rotary melting furnace

Rotary furnaces are available in traditional fixed axis form or hydraulic tilted.

The hydraulic tilted models can offer easier loading and discharge of molten metal with more

efficiency due to a double pass of combustion gases before exit from the front mounted flue.

Capacity from 1 tonne up to 25 tonne depending on the type of charge metal used.

Lower grade scrap materials can be melted in these units with reductions of metal loss by the use of salt flux treatment.

J B Furnace Rotary Melting Furnace

All furnaces are of robust construction with heavy duty refractory linings to withstand hard treatment.

Only top quality bearings and moving parts are used in the construction of this type of furnace.

Furnaces are tapped to release molten metal from the side of the furnace into launder systems for either casting direct or into a Holding Furnace for further treatment.